How may I preview a class with my child?
You may come to a class currently offered, or alternately, attend a "Free Demo
Class" which takes place in between sessions. Please contact us by phone 650-
365-5355 or email to to schedule a preview.

What happens if my child misses a class?
You may make up two missed classes per session. Classes need to be made up
within the same session.  Please
schedule makeups in advance.

Can you prorate the session if I start late?
Yes, we can prorate the session, pending availability.

What happens if I need to cancel?
Full refund if cancelled 5 days prior to the first class. After the first class, you will
be charged a $30 cancellation fee and refunded the balance of your tuition. There
will be no refunds later than 48 hours after the first class.

How do I enroll?
You may enroll online or by phone and pay by check or credit card.

May I bring a friend who wants to preview the class?
Yes. Please contact our office ahead of time:  650-365-5355.
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