How long are the classes?
Our weekly classes are 45 minutes in length.

How many classes are in each session?
Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions are 10 weeks in length. Summer session is 8 weeks.

What materials are provided for Music Together families?
We provide you with a CD, accompanying songbook, and a parent education guide.

What is the Tuition?  
Tuition varies with each location.  Please see our enrollment page for specifics.

How many children are in each class?
We limit our enrollment to 12 registered children in each class.  Each child is
accompanied by a parent or caregiver.

Can one adult bring two children to class? Of course.

What is the age range of the children?
All classes are mixed age from infant through four years.  We find mixed age classes
extremely beneficial to early musical development.

What do you do in the classes?
Taking a fun, friendly and creative music making approach, we sing, dance,
play instruments, improvise and look at pictures in our songbook.  We believe in live
music making rather than passive listening.

What kind of instruments do you use?
We use drums, triangles, tambourines, tone bells, shakers, rhythm sticks, and ethnic
instruments. Scarves, balls, parachutes, kitchen “instruments” also enhance our play.

What if my child cannot sit still for 45 minutes?
Music Together classes promise an accepting atmosphere, and we do not expect
children to sit still throughout.  In fact, each class deliberately incorporates three to
four activities for which we get up and move around the room. When children wander
from our circle, parents and caregivers may take the activity over to them, either to
engage them where they are or to gently bring them back to the circle.

May I bring my husband, my child’s grandparent, or other relative?
Absolutely.  Adult visitors are always welcome, and our guests’ participation in class
nurtures both the children’s musical and social development.

Are the same songs presented from week to week?
No, a given session’s collection includes 25 to 30 songs, and each week we explore
10 to 12 of those songs.

Are the same songs presented from one session to the next?
No, there are nine different collections. Families may take Music Together classes for
three years without seeing a repetition of songs. Even if you repeat songs over the
years, your child will be able to learn more and appreciate different musical aspects as
her or she grows from baby to toddler to preschooler.

How may I preview a class with my child?
You may come to a class currently offered, or alternately, attend a "Free Demo Class"
which takes place in between sessions. Please contact us by phone 650-365-5355 or
email to to schedule a preview.
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