• 6 to 10 children

• Ages 3 1/2 to 12

• 45-minute classes


• 10-week sessions

• Parents may drop-off

• Location: Mo Music
Redwood City
A circle of ten children sings in tune and keeps a  
steady beat as they jump and skip ‘Round the
Mulberry Bush, each leading in turn with lively
lyrics...Carefully linking arms to form human
passageways, they sing  “Bluebird through my
window” and watch a mirthful pair of  “birds” weave
in tandem through their structure...

A Kids Sing Class is:

•  A group of children exploring musical concepts
through circle singing games, dancing, chants,
improvisation, and instrument play.

• A Kodaly-based program that instills a love of
music while teaching basic music literacy.

• An age-specific, sequential approach for learning
the language of music.

• Developing the musical ear through singing a rich
repertoire of folk music.

• Building skills in sight singing and ear training
through solfege (do re mi) and rhythm syllables.

• Reinforced with a CD and songbook so children
may practice at home.
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