Kids Sing Teacher

Anton Estaniel, a cellist and music educator for the past
nine years, has been performing and teaching music
throughout Southern California and the Bay Area.  Keeping
an open mind, Anton Estaniel has had the opportunity to
perform a variety of musical styles ranging from Western
Classical Music, Rock, Classical Middle-Eastern Music,
Caribbean Music, and New Compositions that incorporate
the cello.  Traveling to play music is among Anton’s favorite
musical endeavors. Trips to Trinidad and Tobago to
perform in the 2000 steel drum Panorama competition and
tours to Egypt in 2007, Detroit in 2009, Abu-Dhabi in 2010,
and Oman in 2012 with MESTO rank as some of his most
valuable musical experiences.

Anton views music education as an important part of any
student’s overall development, citing his experience in
public school music programs from middle school through
high school to his tenures at California State University
Long Beach and Northern Illinois University.  Anton has
studied with Andy Honea, Bong Shin Ko, and Marc Johnson
of the Vermeer Quartet.
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