Mo Music Class Schedule


Classes begin Monday, July 2 and end August 26 (No classes on July 4th)
Tuition: 8 week session - first child $181.00 (siblings $98.00) includes CD and Songbook 

Class Schedule for Redwood City Rec Center - Red Morton
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Mon 9:15, 10:15, 11:15 Desiree
Wed 9:15, 10:15 Desiree

Class Schedule for San Carlos Rec Center
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Mon  9:00, 10:00, 11:00 Steven
Tues  9:15, 10:15 Desiree
Fri  9:15, 10:15, 11:15 Desiree
Sat  9:00, 10:00 Amy

Class Schedule for Mo Music in Redwood City
To register, enroll BELOW during the following dates:

New to Mo Music?  Please enroll during Open Enrollment beginning June 1 , 2018

Have taken Mo Music classes before?  Please enroll during Alumni Enrollment beginning May 25, 2018

Registering in the same class day/time/location for the summer as the past SPRING session? Please enroll during Priority Enrollment beginning May 16, 2018

Mo Music Redwood City (see schedule below and register here)

Show classes for:

Join us in discovering an informal and non-judgmental setting in which children and adults sing, dance and improvise together. We will joyfully fly with rainbow wings, stomp like elephants, make a rainstorm with our drums, chug as a train, and curl up for a lullaby.


• 6-12 children

• Infant through age 5

• 45-minute classes weekly

• 10-week semesters

• Parent & child class

A Music Together® Class is:

• A community of families sharing songs, playing instruments, and exploring rhythm and movement.
• Playing with egg shakers, rhythm sticks, triangles, drums, tone bells, balls, parachutes and more.
• Music experienced through age-appropriate, research-based activities that support and respect the individual learning styles of very young children.
• Children of mixed ages growing together, as the older ones become leaders and the younger ones delight in watching their bigger friends.
• A new song collection every ten weeks, featuring colorful arrangements of original and traditional songs in a wide variety of musical styles.


A circle of ten children sings in tune and keeps a steady beat as they jump and skip ‘Round the Mulberry Bush, each leading in turn with lively lyrics...Carefully linking arms to form human passageways, they sing  “Bluebird through my window” and watch a mirthful pair of  “birds” weave in tandem through their structure...

• 6 to 10 children
• Ages 3 1/2 to 7
• 45-minute classes weekly
• 10-week semesters
• Grown-ups drop off children and do not attend class

A Kids Sing Class is:

•  A group of children exploring musical concepts through circle singing games, dancing, chants, improvisation, and instrument play.

• A Kodaly-based program that instills a love of music while teaching basic music literacy.

• An age-specific, sequential approach for learningthe language of music.

• Developing the musical ear through singing a rich repertoire of folk music.

• Building skills in sight singing and ear training through solfege (do re mi) and rhythm syllables.
• Reinforced with a CD and songbook so children may practice at home.