MO MUSIC, Redwood City (location map)
Tuesday, 9:15 AM
07/02/19 - 08/20/19 (8 weeks)


Join us in discovering an informal and non-judgmental setting in which children and adults sing, dance and improvise together. We will joyfully fly with rainbow wings, stomp like elephants, make a rainstorm with our drums, chug as a train, and curl up for a lullaby.


• 6-12 children

• Infant through age 5

• 45-minute classes weekly

• 10-week semesters

• Parent & child class

A Music Together® Class is:

• A community of families sharing songs, playing instruments, and exploring rhythm and movement.
• Playing with egg shakers, rhythm sticks, triangles, drums, tone bells, balls, parachutes and more.
• Music experienced through age-appropriate, research-based activities that support and respect the individual learning styles of very young children.
• Children of mixed ages growing together, as the older ones become leaders and the younger ones delight in watching their bigger friends.
• A new song collection every ten weeks, featuring colorful arrangements of original and traditional songs in a wide variety of musical styles.

Upcoming Meetings
07/16/19    9:15 AM Tuesday 07/16/19 9:15 AM
07/23/19    9:15 AM Tuesday 07/23/19 9:15 AM
07/30/19    9:15 AM Tuesday 07/30/19 9:15 AM
08/06/19    9:15 AM Tuesday 08/06/19 9:15 AM
08/13/19    9:15 AM Tuesday 08/13/19 9:15 AM
08/20/19    9:15 AM Tuesday 08/20/19 9:15 AM