From Happy Mo Music Families

Don’t take our word for it—hear what other families are saying about Mo Music classes!

"I cannot say enough positive things about Mo Music's Music Together classes. We started when my daughter was about 8 months old and have not stopped since then. Music class is the only class I feel is completely worth the tuition paid. The teachers are so talented and make the classes very interactive for both students and parents.  - Connie W.

"My little one and I absolutely love Mo Music! We took one year's worth of sessions with Teacher Desiree, before moving to San Francisco. If not for moving, we'd still be taking class with her! Teacher Desiree is patient with the kids and does an incredible job running her classes and keeping the kids engaged. Aurora was always so excited to see her every week! In addition to class, we'd listen to the CDs that come with class registration in the car and color the music book at home! I can't say enough good things! Sign your little one up." - Morgan H.

"This music class led by Mona is the best!!! My grandson can't wait to see Mona and loves the class. Mona is superb, loves children and is a complete delight. Her enthusiasm is infectious and we have loved the class for the past year.  The songs are great, CDs are handed out which we play all the time.  Wish we had this class every day! The kids learn so much in an organized and truly fun environment.  Mona makes each class different and yet recognizable to the kids and we see our grandson singing the songs and excited every time we play the CDs.  I can't imagine a more worthwhile class. Highly recommend Mo Music." - Donna F.

"We are HUGE fans of Mo Music and teacher Mona. She is as good as it gets--The most talented, loving, dedicated teacher and so and tactful with kids! It's amazing to see how she commands attention of the whole class, even the tiniest little ones. The curriculum itself is developed by Music Together and his highly recommended to get your little ones initiated into simple tunes, patterns, and rhythms. Teacher Mona has a wonderful mix up of sitting down and singing, dancing, playing instruments and using other props like balls, a parachute, teddy bears, etc. Our girls have been doing Mo Music for 3 years now, and the older one has even graduated to teacher Anton's kids sing class--which is also really good. We all look forward to coming here every Saturday." - Priya S.

"My child and I have been students here for over a year, and we absolutely love it.  Mona is a fantastic teacher! Great song variety, lots of different activities and instruments for exploring music, and a very accepting environment. We always leave class uplifted and singing." - Ag O.

"Both of our daughters have had the great joy of experiencing Mo Music throughout their early childhood. They always looked forward to every session, grew tremendously in their musicality, and still love incorporating the songs into our daily lives."  - Esme S.

"Mo Music is me and my daughter’s favorite activity every week! It's been amazing to see her vocabulary, confidence, and love for music and dance grow over the past year!" - Meghan J.

"Both of our kids have taken Mo Music classes since they were one or even younger! The kids always look forward to class, and it’s amazing how much they learn. It’s so fun to hear them singing or humming the songs as they play, ride in the car and go about their day.  The most common request from the backseat when we drive anywhere: “I want Mona” (meaning play the Mo Music CD!)".  - Tyler P.

"We have been thrilled with our Mo Music experience.  You can’t ask for a better music teacher than the owner, Mona Dena. She has a wonderful way with the kids, is warm and accessible to the parents, and is truly talented at what she does. The Music Together program provides a great curriculum--based on research, and Mona delivers it with ease.  Classes are well balanced with a variety of songs, chants, and movement activities, smoothly run, and filled with, not only fun music for the family, but terrific musical advice of how to continue the program at home. The studio is clean, and we’ve always been able to find nearby parking.  We highly recommend Mo Music to anyone looking to begin exposing their little ones to music classes." - Larry Q.

"My daughter Lily smiles her biggest smiles and squeals with pure delight when at her Music Together classes. It's truly something special to watch her be so joyfully engaged as she explores singing, dancing, and playing instruments in an always upbeat and infinitely fun environment. We love our classes and teacher Stephen :-)" - Laura B.

"My son has always loved music but attending Mo Music's classes has given him such an amazing and accepting space to explore music, movement and instruments. He lights up when he hears the Hello song played at home. We love going so much that I currently drive half an hour each way just to get there. Ethan loves music class!" - Lye C.

"Mo Music is the best 45 minutes of our week! It’s uninterrupted time together with my baby to let go, relax and have SO much fun- while also nurturing his growth. Mona exudes love and passion for music as well as for all her little students. The kids adore her and it’s been such a meaningful part of our routine. We love you Mona!" - Emily, Adam Levi W.

“Our daughter loves Mo Music!   She’s attended since she was an infant and at 2 ½ can clearly sing the songs she has learned.  It has helped accelerate her speech and vocabulary development.” - Ryan T.

"Great music classes geared to a variety of ages. You'd be surprised how young your child will start being interested in music.  Mona is amazing and the content is so rich with musical knowledge.  You too will enjoy going with your children." - M.T.

"My kid and I are now in our second session at Mo Music. We started when he was just 7 months old and he loved it. It was amazing to watch him develop week by week. By the last week of our first set of classes, he was using sticks to hit drums, and was keeping beat! It was amazing. Now, we're in a class with Mona. She's fantastic. My kid is now 1 and he's almost walking. He holds on to me and dances to the beat. It's adorable and I look forward to music class every week." - Mariko F.

"I have been bringing my now 3 1/2 year old granddaughter to Mo Music for two years and now also bring her 1 year old brother. Both look forward to and enjoy this class so much. It is the highlight of their week. Teacher Steven is amazing!!" - Anne G.

"Our toddler's Music Together class with Mona has become much more than just a fun highlight of our family's weekend. It has become one of the most powerful developmental therapy programs for our little guy, who has Down syndrome. Thanks to Mona, he's a 3-year-old who adores music -- singing, dancing, and especially banging on drums -- and the songs and movement have made a huge impact on his speech and motor skills growth over the past 18 months. I can't think of a better way to spend time together on a Saturday than in this class.” - Becky B.

"We’ve been at Mo Music for 4 years now, Mona is simply mesmerizing! My children’s love of music begins in her classroom and they can’t wait to go to class every week!" - Sophia L.

"Truly what Mo Music has given to us is immeasurable. I truly credit Mo Music in aiding my oldest son Jack, born with apraxia (a speech motor developmental delay), in becoming increasingly verbal throughout the years he’s been attending. Jack connected with the rhythms within the music which helped ease him into the rhythms of speech. I have recommended it to his speech therapist, and now she recommends it to all of her clients. Jack now sings the Mo Music songs from the moment he wakes up until he goes to sleep at night, and his baby brother is already trying to “sing” along to the call and repeat part of the songs on the cd (especially the ba ba ba parts). 
My two children both love participating in their weekly Mo Music classes; they love their teacher, playing instruments, and moving their bodies to the music. However their real enthusiasm for Mo Music is shown outside the classroom, where they sing the Music Together songs throughout the day, truly from the moment they wake up until they fall asleep at night." - Brooke J.

"On a very long car ride, our 18 month daughter started to cry out of boredom (probably), so we turned on the Music Together CD and she stopped crying for the rest of the ride." - Kristina C.