Our Policies

Mo Music’s goal is to make class time a full-immersion experience, with benefits to our children being very significant when we keep our focus on their developmental unfolding. At the same time, we are sure to make new friends in class, which means of course wanting to engage in conversation. Please refrain from chatting during class so that everyone has the best possible experience. As we know, being present to our children through our singing, body language, and moment-to-moment engagement is indeed a precious gift to them!

NO FOOD: Due to serious (and occasionally life threatening!) food allergies, we cannot allow food during class. Eating outside our meeting space is of course just fine.

HEALTH(Y) GUIDELINES: We request that you do not attend class if you, or your child, is sick. With this said, please use our liberal 3 class make-up policy to reschedule. Kindly note that make-up classes may not be carried over to another semester, so schedule your make-up as soon as possible after your missed class. Our “use it or lose it” spots are offered on a space-available basis, so plan ahead. We ask that you do not just drop in without formal pre-scheduling.

Before class starts, kindly put your phone on vibrate, or turn off, and put it out of sight (we all know how enticing these gadgets are for our young ones!) Should you have an urgent matter that requires you to use your phone during class, please leave the room to make or receive a call, taking your child with you unless another adult is willing to supervise her/him while you are out. If more than one adult brings your child to class – for example, some days a parent, others a nanny – please be sure all parties understand our cell phone protocol.

PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: For the privacy of all of our children, please film ONLY YOUR OWN CHILD during class.  Also, kindly limit this activity to one or two brief moments during class, and then put your phone away (out of sight). In this way we remain engaged musical models to our children, as well as help sustain a comfortable environment for all.

MAKE-UP CLASSES: As a courtesy, Mo Music permits up to four make-ups per child, per semester, which may not be rolled over to a subsequent semester. These make-ups need to be scheduled ahead of time. Any of our scheduled classes may be attended as a make-up.
Our make-up scheduler keeps track of the number of make-ups you have available. Should you be unable to come to a scheduled make-up, please go back into the make-up scheduler and cancel that class (see the “Cancel Make-Up” tab.) In this way you will not lose that make-up, and it frees the spot for another family.
Please also note there are no make-ups available during our two-week Holiday Mini-Semester.

ADDITIONAL ADULTS ATTENDING CLASS: Grandparents and visiting adult friends/family may attend your child’s class. Since our classes are based on “live” musical modeling, we invite all guests to participate!

If an older sibling is age 6 or older, s/he is welcome to attend class so long as this child actively participates.
An older sibling who is under age 6 may attend one class per semester and must be scheduled as a make-up. In the Notes field of the scheduler, please write the older sibling’s name. Drop-ins for these siblings are not permitted since we don’t want class size to become overcrowded.
Siblings 8 months and younger as of the first day of the semester may attend for free.

TWO CHILDREN ATTENDING WITH ONE CAREGIVER: We permit one parent/caregiver to bring two children as long as s/he is able to successfully engage as a musical model to both children, with the two children being actively supervised at all times. This ensures a cohesive and safe atmosphere for everyone.

REFUNDS: A full refund (less the $25 cancellation fee) is available if requested 48 hours before the first day of class. A partial refund (tuition less the service fee of $42 if you choose to keep the materials), one class tuition, $18.00 and $25 processing fee) when canceled within 48 hours after the first day of class.
No refunds will be given 48 hours following the first class.